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The Pitfalls (and Triumph) of the Open Source World

If you are taking the time to read this, then chances are - you used to watch my regular uploads under the infintelygalactic project on YouTube. You may also be curious as to why there seems to have been no real activity on that channel/project for quite a few months. So, my purpose in this (hopefully) brief blog post is to answer this question, give you my perspective on this project, as well as look at how this project might look moving forward. Hang to your hats while I breeze through a brief timeline of the infinitelygalactic project.2010 - First upload reviewing openSUSE 11.3 Gnome to YouTube under the IG channel as a result of me looking for an open-source system and software that would enable a broke freshman to edit video.
2011 - Partnered with YouTube at around 5K subscribers which would go on to pay for all the production value increase over the following 4 years (cameras, editing, and new computer).
2012 - Really started investing time into regular uploads reviewing Linux p…

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